Offerings to the Wind

Wonderful Comment from “Common Folk”

By Dan Cautrell / March 6, 2010 /

This is a comment from a friend of a friend who saw the work and appreciates it.  I am filled with gratitude for all of the “common folk” who have…

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The “Sun” shines on the highway.

By Dan Cautrell / March 4, 2010 /

This is the latest installation on Hwy 203 between Duvall and Carnation to replace the “Spiral” installation that was removed and discarded at the scene.  I expanded the staining process…

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Shout Out! To Christine and Jonah

By Dan Cautrell / February 24, 2010 /

After I mentioned that I couldn’t do another installation at the “Spiral” site until I cleaned up the poor cutting job done by who ever removed it a couple of…

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Five, High and obscure

By Dan Cautrell / February 23, 2010 /

This is a recent installation in a fairly obscure location that gets less than an hour of sunlight a day at the moment.  It also has an elevated placement so…

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“Spiral” Missing? Not exactly…

By Dan Cautrell / February 21, 2010 /

As reported earlier some removed the “Spiral” installation along Hwy 203.  That part is true. It had been removed but not taken.  Who ever removed it simply cut it off…

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Offerings “Captured Audience”, School Bus Drivers

By Dan Cautrell / February 20, 2010 /

It appears that the local school bus drivers are my largest demographic audience.  Three times now, school buses have pulled up during an installation so the drivers can comment on…

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MISSING!…”Spiral” on the highway…

By Dan Cautrell / February 19, 2010 /

The Spiral Installation has been removed.  It had been in place for one week before someone with a chain saw had to have it….It is fascinating to consider the thought…

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QotD: Mix Tape: Song #1

By Dan Cautrell / February 19, 2010 /

If you were going to make a mix tape to describe how this week went for you, what’s the first song you’d put on it. Bonus points if you share…

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A “perfect moment”, with Sound Track

By Dan Cautrell / February 17, 2010 /

Tami, a friend of mine, sent me this message the other day about her brief “interaction” with some of the Offerings installations. I have no idea how many of these…

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Meriaten’s Midnight Poem

By Dan Cautrell / February 15, 2010 /

I am a big fan of Meriaten's midnight poetry session on her Facebook page.  She recently presented me with #149 which was inspired by the Offerings To The Wind Project.…

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“Bloom Effect” at the Port Angeles Fine Art Center

By Dan Cautrell / July 2, 2011

This is my latest installtion related to the Adornment Series.  I was invited to do another piece to the annual Art Outside Exhibition at the PAFAC.  With the help of…

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Uh oh…”Seeds” is missing….

By Dan Cautrell / May 27, 2011

Well, it looks like another over zealous art enthusiast has taken another Offerings "off the wall"…I noticed yesterday that "Seeds" on Woodinville/Duvall Road has been removed…I guess I am going…

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Offerings To The Wind Project

By Dan Cautrell / March 14, 2011

This is the second installation of the Adornment series. I rushed it up to have it ready to include in a grant application that I was submitting. As I have…

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Offerings To The Wind Project

By Dan Cautrell / December 29, 2010

This is a custom piece I did for a local supporter who had seen the Offerings installations around and contacted me to do a piece for her. She did not…

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Offerings To The Wind Project

By Dan Cautrell / November 4, 2010

This is the first installation for the Adornments Series which is an extension of the Offerings To The Wind Project. As an initial study "Pods" serves as an experiment in,…

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Unbelievably Poignant Request

By Dan Cautrell / October 7, 2010

I received this request a couple of days ago….How am I to respond to such an incredible request?…The poignancy is overwhelming… "…I saw one of your wood cut installations off…

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“In Memory Of A Madrona” Installtion@PAFAC

By Dan Cautrell / June 19, 2010

This is the completed installation at the Port Angeles Fine Art Center for the ART OUTSIDE Exhibition 2010.  Eighteen artists were invited to do outdoor installations in Websters Woods on…

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Getting ready for Art Outside@PAFAC

By Dan Cautrell / June 17, 2010

These are a couple of the carved end pieces to be installed at the Art Outside Exhibition at the Port Angeles Fine Art Center.  This is a good example of…

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Forget Me Not for Patti. “this is a house of memories”…

By Dan Cautrell / June 3, 2010

This a piece that I made for Patti K.  a colleague of Paula’s who is retiring this year from teaching.  I came to know Patti from car pooling her and…

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Inspired by The Light…Spring and a warming trend!!

By Dan Cautrell / May 25, 2010

This is the first "personal use" piece that I made based on the Offerings Project.  Actually, I made it for the Duvall Library Plant and Garden Art Sale.  No one…

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