The “Sun” shines on the highway.

Offerings, Sun II Road

This is the latest installation on Hwy 203 between Duvall and Carnation to replace the “Spiral” installation that was removed and discarded at the scene.  I expanded the staining process to create higher contrast and make it more striking.  During installation the record was broken of passersby stopping to inquire about the project.  Many of them didn’t know me but had seen some of the other installations and simply wanted to convey their appreciation of the project.  A couple wanted to take some pictures and one mentioned that she had witnessed the perpetrators removing the “Thunderbird” installation.  She said she confronted them and got the license number of their truck and reported the incident to the police.  I gave her my contact info and asked if she would send me an account of the incident in her own words so that I could add it to this blog.  I am really not concerned about the works being taken, in fact, another one of the passersby who stopped with his daughter inquired if the pieces were meant to be taken.  He admitted that the thought had crossed his mind.  So, I am not sure I can blame anyone for thinking that the pieces are “available”.  The might simply appear to be random unsanctioned works that are just there and no one seems to own them.  Anyway, I am going to just move on with doing the installations and enjoy the process.

Offerings, Sun II

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