Wonderful Comment from “Common Folk”

This is a comment from a friend of a friend who saw the work and appreciates it.  I am filled with gratitude for all of the “common folk” who have made a point to stop and comment on the Offerings Project.  During the installations several people have pulled over to the side of the road, sometimes perilously, because they simply had to tell me how much they loved the art here and there. It has certainly met my goal of providing “free art for the people”….Note: I am not frustrated by the works being removed…I am motivated…

“Thanks to you and Jonah for helping Dan out with the cleaning up of the ruined tree end on Hwy 203. That tree is in a very scary spot; must have been dangerous to go there. I loved that spiral, and I can’t believe somebody would go there and take it off. It was very nice of you guys to give Dan a hand. It must be incredibly frustrating for him to have his work of love ruined for no particular reason; I love how he goes back and replaces it with a new one. That guy is an inspiration.”

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