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This is the second installation of the Adornment series. I rushed it up to have it ready to include in a grant application that I was submitting. As I have already mentioned, to me it seems contrived and deliberate not inspired and spontaneous. But still, there it is…I already have another installation in the works…. In my mind these art interaction represent a budding sense of art appreciation where there may not have been any before. That is my goal. To expose an unsuspecting audience to art and allow the connection between art and veiwer happen as a unexpected surprise.

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  1. Jamiecorpus on May 13, 2011 at 9:54 am

    Well hello! Im the gal who wrote the article about you in the River Current..”Mystery Carver of Duvall”. Its wonderful to find your site! I wanted to offer up the photos I took of many of your projects should you like! I so enjoy your work!! Bravo!

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