Inspired by The Light…Spring and a warming trend!!

Face The Sun

This is the first "personal use" piece that I made based on the Offerings Project.  Actually, I made it for the Duvall Library Plant and Garden Art Sale.  No one bought it so now I am putting at my house.  It was originally inspired by the behavior of some plants that have blooms that position themselves to face the light.  As a result they actually track the sun as it moves across the sky.  Special thanks to Christine and Jonah who provided me with the cool shaped "round". 

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  1. Barb Hobson on June 28, 2021 at 4:58 pm

    An acquaintance told of sunflowers growing in Kansas that follow the sun throughout the day. This was in Kansas and she said it was worth a sight as the sunflowers were somewhere around 8/8 feet tall.

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