Cycles, Close To Home…

Offerings, Cycles

This installation was done on a property near my home that was undeveloped.  It was a series of trees that were blown over and took out our power which was off for two weeks.  It was also the first installation that generated some comment.  I was contacted by a friend in my neighborhood who wanted to know if I was the one who did the "cool" art work on the trees?…Lee coined a phrase that I would add to my grant applications.  She called the work, "mildly subversive"…She also relayed to me a response from one of her friends who also saw the work and mentioned that.."when she saw it it made her feel like she had just witnessed something special"…She was moved by the fact that it was unexpected and a surprise and that she "discovered" it just while out for a walk.  Lee, also continued by saying that it created beauty where there was once destruction. 

The lot of land where the installation was placed was eventually developed and the individual elements of the installation were retained by the land owner who lives in the next parcel.  Robbie, now "owns" the Cycles piece and has them displayed on her back deck.

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