Touching Note from a Local.

This is a note that someone sent to me expressing her appreciation for the Offerings Project.  The specific installation that she is referring to is “Meadow” located in McCormick Park in Duvall.  It is very moving to receive comments like this that express such heartfelt gratitude for art in their community.  I was not really prepared for this level of personal connection to the project from people who see it.  As I may have mentioned before, the Offerings To The Wind Project is becoming more than I who created it….

I’ll make this quick – I have a feeling your inbox is (or will be) overflowing! I just wanted to let you know how much I’ve enjoyed seeing your ‘offerings’ at the river park in Duvall and how it touched me that someone would do this purely for others to enjoy.  I just think that’s so cool.  I noticed the ‘offerings’ a few years back during probably the darkest time in my life because of some mind boggling greed going on so to see that someone had given something so cool and so selflessly was heartening.

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