Offerings To The Wind, Public Art Project, Artist: Daniel Cautrell

Offerings, Lotus

"…the trees spoke to me again, there voice driven by the wind
I did not know their language, so I responded with symbols
And wondered if they undertood, my voice driven by the wind…"

This is going to be my on going diary about the Offerings To The Wind Project.

The origin of the Project occurred in the Winter of 1996. The history will be explained later in the blog.  Generally, it is an ongoing public art installation that I have continued since then.  I applied
for grants from Artist Trust, a Washington state artist support organization and 4Culture, the art and cultural arm of King County.  I received both grants which affirmed, in my mind, the validity of the project and propelled me into this epic journey that has grown into a local phenomenon and afforded me, as the artist, some notoriety.  At this stage I have done several installations so I will be doing some back tracking and share some thoughts and events that have already occurred.  I will catch up to this very day when I completed two more installations.  When I wrote for the grants I was intending the project to be short lived and actually come to a clean succinct resolution. But, I have found that the opportunities keep appearing and I am still inspired and motivated to continue doing the installations as long as the opportunities continue to present themselves.

This is an installation that was completed well into the project.  It is actually a replacement from the "Sun" installation that was removed by an art "admirer"…I will tell the story of this piece later in the blog.

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