Now A Word About 4Culture


When I got the grant from Artist Trust I felt encouraged to try for a grant from 4Culture.  They had a “Special Projects” grant available for artists who had  a project they thought worthy of support.  There were some criteria that needed to be met and the Offerings To The Wind Project seemed to fit the guidelines.  I did receive  the grant and I began to really get into the project.  However, that was in 2007 and I have been working on the Offerings Project since then.  I have come to realize that there will be no definitive end to the project. It has become a local phenomenon and I have received many compliments and much encouragement to continue.  At the moment I am in contact with 4Culture to review the project and determine how to proceed to satisfy my contract in order to receive the rest of the grant money.  But, in the mean time I wanted to give a shout out to them for supporting artists and offering opportunities for artists to expand their work. With out their support I may not have been able to progress with the Offerings project which, quite frankly, has become a defining moment in my creative career. Thank you 4Culture!!

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